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SAMT is well established industrial gearbox specialist with many years of Australian experience in designing, importing and supplying for wide array of industrial applications. SAMT offers many types of industrial gearboxes including helical Inline, Worm Right angle, Shaft mount, bevel helical, Planetary, and Stainless Steel.

No one can understand Gearboxes better than we do. We are the experts that service all major brands including, VARMEC, TVT, MOTOVARIO, HABSIT ROSSI, DAVID BROWN RADICON, SPAGGIARRI, HYDRO-MEC, LENZE, NORD, BREVINI, GAVANI, Plus Many more. We are expertise in all types of industrial gearbox, which can interchange and supply alternative gearboxes for many applications. TONSON AUSTRALIA can also customize gearbox as per customer’s requests.

Please contact our head office in Sydney on 02 9607 4100 or email for any enquiry or further assistance on your industrial gearbox Australia Wide.

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