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  NEMA Standard Motor (LV)

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Scope of Production

Many Types & Mounts available


SAMT can supply motors based on the NEMA standard. We apply highly reliable class F and H insulation types that are resistant to both heat and moisture. The use of carefully selected electric materials, precision parts, and bearings reduces mechanical loss and minimizes both vibration and noise. Our NEMA standard motor has also acquired several certificates like the UL and CSA, and we manufacture motors with higher efficiency than defined by the MEPS and Australian standards.
SAMT has many years of electric motor experience and feature many well known high quality brands including, LENZE, WONDER, SAMT and HYOSUNG. Many other brands can be supplied.


High compatibility, various models
- Ensures compatible dimensions by designing in accordance with the
- NEMA standards. 
- Provides the enclosed, semi-enclosed, and F/H/C type insulation motors as well as general industrial   and special motors.
- Offers wide range of choices suitable for any place and purpose

Superior features and high reliability
- Satisfies the High efficiency standard
- Uses quality electric materials to minimize electricity loss; the use of precision parts and bearings reduces mechanical loss, thus improving motor efficiency and providing excellent power savings.
- Excellent operational features based on rational design and strict quality management
- Lower noise with an improved ventilation structure
- Optimum structure design using an interpretation program and 2D/3D programs.


Alloy/Cast Iron 3Phase Electric Motors NEMA Standards

Alloy/Cast Iron 3Phase Electric Motors NEMA Standards Many Mounts Available



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