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  VM series - Double output worm Industrial gearbox

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APS series includes gearboxes specially manufactured in order to comply with specifical requirements. The kinematic motion is carried out by means of a wormshaft and two wormwheels in order to have two output shafts with a synchronous rotation.
These gearboxes can be assembled to electric motors or motorvariators equipped with a fixing flange with dimensions conforming to IEC specifications.

  • Casing and flanges
    Made from aluminium and painted BLUE RAL 5010
  • Worm screw
    Made from alloy steel. Hardened and cemented then finished by grinding
  • Worm wheel
    UNI 7013 GcuSn12 bronze toothed band. Inserted by casting on UNI 5007 G20 cast-iron bushing
  • Bearings
    Taper roller bearings are mounted on the screw and the two outputs
  • Lubrication
    Gearboxes are normally supplied without any lubricant. However, they can be supplied with synthetic lubricant on request


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