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Specialised Air Motors & Transmission (SAMT) a div of TONSON AUSTRALIA PTY LTD takes this opportunity to welcome you to our website - we hope you will find it enjoyable. Feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.

TONSON AUSTRALIA is committed to providing clever solutions for all hazardous environments and continues to develop smart ways to meet requirements from all different industries; our products meet CE standards ISO9002, ISO9001 and patents are registered globally including USA, Taiwan and China.

Unlike other conventional methods our products mainly use air instead of electricity as the source of power. This eliminates the chance of electricity shock and fire, which are the most crucial factors for industries involved in chemical, flammable or volatile contents.

TONSON AUSTRALIA products include air motors, air mixers and air fans which are engineered to meet the highest standards featuring 100% explosion-proof, low air consumption, light weight, high torque, reversible step less speed control, easy maintenance and various mounting method. And can be used in very harsh conditions such as humidity, high temperature and flammable environments.

Specialised Air Motors & Transmission has joined forces with HYOSUNG - Motor, Generators & Drives; Hysosung is power house manufacturer of LV and HV Motors (Explosion Proof IECEx, ATEX Ceritifed) & Gearbox Drives Based on years of experience and technological capabilities, Hyosung offers a vast range of motors from low to high voltage and is equipped with a 20,000kW automated production line with a capacity to manufacture over 40,000 motors each month. Along with the latest design and analysis technology, Hyosung has rich experience in manufacturing gearboxes which satisfy international standards, such as AGMA. Together with skilled researchers and proven tools such as Romax and KISS Soft, Hyosung manufactures quality special gear units to suit all special applications including Marine, Steel Mills, cooling towers and wind Turbines.

SAMT takes proud in been able to provide efficient solutions and equipment to all major industries including mining, chemical, food, paper, plastic, power transmission, manufacturing and pharmaceutical.

TONSON AUSTRALIA provides complete Explosion proof solutions in Power Transmission, Drives and Motors.

TONSON Since 1966 - Realising Clever Conceptions ISO 9001 CE

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