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  • Highly-efficient cooling system
    A cooling hole is stamped at the stator, the sheet, and the axle cooling duct of the core stack. A cooling hole can perform the maximum heat dissipation due to cooling around the source of loss, offering efficient motor usage. The cooling hole, consisting of the axle cooling duct of the core stack, is holed at the rotor sheet. It can perform the maximum heat dissipation due to cooling around the source of loss (the core stack and the wound), offering efficient motor usage.
  • Insulation system with temperature class 200
    The insulation system has temperature class 200 and its efficiency has been proven through hundreds of traction motors sold. The conductor device and the coil are insulated with different methods: the conductor device is wrapped with an aluminum foil and the coil is wrapped with glass fiber tape. With those insulation materials, the required dielectric strength is ensured. At the completion of the assembly process, the vacuum pressure impregnation method is used. Since the winding is composed of strong complex windings, it is not affected or worn by moisture or operation.
  • Compact design and noise-controller
    The stator frame is a mold-cohesive and welded unit. For maximum capacity use, the rod of the copper rotor is designed as a trapezium and the teeth of the rotor are arranged in the same direction. Finally, the cost is minimized as its trapezium rod minimizes the thermal loss and extends the product lifetime. The noise generated by the traction motor increases because of the rotor fan; however, Hyosung’s unique design significantly reduces the noise.

Insulation system design based on electric field and magnetic field analysis and the optimum cooling structure design guarantees high reliability. In addition, an economic and efficient design is made by using a computer program for optimizing the weight and dimensions in all processes.

Hyosung’s traction motors are manufactured in facilities featuring modern production and testing equipment, therefore we guarantee our customers the best quality. Hyosung boasts a perfect dielectric strength for its stator winding via use of the vacuum injection method.
For the best quality and highest efficiency operation of its motors, we use an automatic taping machine, automatic forming machine, and precise rotor balancing machine. We perform various operational and quality tests such as characteristic, insulation, precise durability, and other special tests.


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