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SAMT Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers (SMSR) has been very carefully designed to make installation and usage by the end user very easy. Our gear units are manufactured using only high quality shaft and gear components which are case carburised to provide good wear characteristics and ground to allow smooth and quiet operation. Many different ratios available. Interchangeable with Old Fenner SMSR.


  • Gears and Shaft are hardened for durability and long term usage
  • Manufactured to exceed ISO 9000 standard.
  • High quality carbon and nickel alloy steel gears manufactured using test certified materials.
  • Gears heat treated by gas carburisation to provide efficient hardness gradient for strength and life.
  • Gears ground to DIN class 6 ensuring correct meshing, smooth, quiet and efficient operation.
  • Every shaft and bore machined to strict tolerances and shrunk fit together providing interference fit.
  • Rotating shaft and hub chemically coated to reduce corrosion thus increasing seal life.
  • Cast Iron casings are CNC machined to ensure correct gear and pinion centre distance.
  • Ideal for conveyors and crushers
  • Torque Arm kit with brackets for universal mounting included
  • Backstop Assemblies for shaft mounting ensures smooth, forward operation with no back slip.
  • Interchangeable with Old Fenner SMSR sizes; A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and J.
  • Manufacture in all different sizes from c to L with Power Rating of up to 150kW at 70 RPM
  • Multiple Bore Sizes per Size & Three Different Reduction Ratios- 5:1, 13:1 and 20:1
  • Redesigned Gearings for Higher Power to Weight Ratios
  • Taper Clamp Shaft Mounted Gear Units- For Keys-Less Application
  • Numerous Accessories: Backstops, Labyrinth Seals, Reducing Bush Kits, Motor Mounts etc.
  • Drives for Hydraulic Motor Mounts with/without Splines available on request
  • All units Tested Prior to Dispatch with Trace-ability of all Components
  • Consistency & Reliability in Performance Guaranteed in the Harshest of Conditions
  • Superior 25 degree Pressure Angle Re-engineered Gearing - Higher Power Ratings

 Extensive Applications

  • Feed Mills
  • Stone / Gravel
  • Mines
  • Rice & Grain Storage
  • Waste Treatment & Disposal
  • Cement Manufacturing 
  • Asphalt Plants etc.