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  Specialty Roller Chains

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Hollow Pin Chain

This chain has hollow pins and the through hole of each pin can be used to accommodate various rods and attachments. Hollow Pin chain is available in steel, nickel plated & stainless steel chain.

           Conveyor Series           Conveyor Series
Standard            Standard Roller            Large Roller

40HP    1/2"         C2040HP         1"           C2024HP          1"
50HP    5/8"         C2050HP   1 1/4"           C2052HP    1 1/4"
60HP    3/4"         C2060HP   1 1/2"           C2062HP    1 1/2"
80HP       1"         C2080HP         2"           C2024HP          2"

Sidebow Chain

The increased internal clearances within this chain allow it to side flex making it ideal for curved conveyors. Sidebow chain uses standard roller links and special pin links and runs on standard AS sprockets.

40SB         1/2"
50SB         5/8"
60SB         3/4"

Agriculture Chain

A light steel roller chain with the same gearing dimensions as the equivalent malleable or pintle chains offering a smoother operation. 

CA550 A heavy duty steel roller chain with greater wear resistance and higher tensile strength than equivalent pressed steel, malleable or pintle chains

S32         1.15"
S52         1 1/2"
S55         1 5/8"
S62         1.65"
CA550     1 5/8"

Leaf Chain

Leaf chain consists solely of pins and link plates assembled together. Hence it has improved tensile strength compared with roller chain and better suited for suspension and tension. D.I.D. leaf chains are in accordance with ANSI standard and are available in two alternatives of AL type and BL type.

AL Used primarily for light duty and slow speed applications, where little importance is attached to wear resistance. 

BL Used for repetitive high impact loading applications, where more importance is attached to wear resistance.

AL Series              BL Series

AL4xx     1/2"        BL4xx     1/2"
AL5xx     5/8"        BL5xx     5/8"
AL6xx     3/4"        BL6xx     3/4"
AL8xx     1"           BL8xx     1"
AL10xx   1 1/4"     BL10xx   1 1/4"
AL12xx   1 1/2"     BL12xx   1 1/2"
AL14xx   1 3/4"     BL14xx   1 3/4"
AL16xx   2"           BL16xx   2"
xx = lacing


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