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SAMT double pitch conveyor chain is a type of chain with its pitch double that of the standard type roller chain. It incorporates the same round parts as the standard type roller chain. Hence it is lighter in weight and more economical than the standard type. The double pitch conveyor chain is available in two alternatives of standard roller type and large roller type. This allows compact conveyor layout by fitting suitable attachments according to the intended use.

Transmission           Conveyor Series           Conveyor Series
Series                      Standard Roller           Large Roller

2040          1"            C2040              1"         C2042             1"
2050    1 1/4"            C2050        1 1/4"         C2052        1 1/4"
2060    1 1/2"            C2060H      1 1/2"         C2062H           2"
                                 C2080H           2"          C2082H           2"


SAMT is a specialist manufacturer, importer and Supplier of Power Transmission Products. Special orders and customised requirements available. Many brands & types of Roller chains available.

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