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  Right Angle Gearbox

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Scope of Production

Gear ratio : maximum of 500:1
Torque: 40,000kg·m (output)
11 standardised sizes offered
Custom-built production available


Hyosung’s right angle gear uses a bevel gear and the input and output shafts are installed at a right angle to each to meet the various environmental requirements of our customers. In addition, it features dramatically reduced noise and heat due to use of various analysis tools such as KISS Soft and Romax.


- Performs strict tests and examinations from raw material procurement to product delivery to ensure high quality product
- Dual-lip type oil seal prevents oil leakage
- Various options provided such as several sensors, pumps, filters, gauges and oil coolers
- High efficiency of at least 96%
- Various shaft arrangements provided like double shaft type


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