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  N-series Planetary Gear Unit

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Ratios (i): 4 - 2800
Torque Range (KNm):
0.2 - 108.3
Power Range (Kw):
0.25 - 55


Modular design realises variable combination.
Housing is made of cast iron, which improve its rigidity and anti-vibration.
Sun and planet gears are processed by cementite and hardening, gears are processed by grinding, which improve the efficiency and lifetime of gear units.
Input Configuration: coaxial input, helical gear input, bevel-helical gear input.
Output Configuration: internal involute spline, hollow shaft with shrink disk, external involute spline, solid shaft with flat key.
Mounting options: horizontal, vertical an torque-arm.
N series sizes 200 - 696, transmission stage: 2,3, ratio:4 - 2800



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