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This range of units of 4”, 5”, 6”, 7” and 8” centers is based on a single universal case for each size, giving a high degree of common parts and interchangeability. Under-driven, over-driven and vertical types meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications.

All units are fitted with a double extended input shaft, allowing handing to be changed by shifting only fan and cowl from one end to the other.

The Modular worm series offers a choice of twelve standard ratios varying from 5/1 to 70/1. Important features include high efficiencies and load-carrying capacities combined with long life and reliable service.


These units consist of a standard single reduction unit with a smaller shaft-mounted worm gearbox fitted in the input shaft.

The range extends the ratios available upto the maximum of 4900/1, making them ideal for fitting to slow moving machinery.

As with single reduction units, they are available in under-driven, over-driven and vertical types, foot mounting and shaft mounting.


Based on the standard modular range, the heavy duty stirrer unit incorporates an extended bottom bearing housing to accommodate a larger bottom bearing and increased shaft size, thereby enhancing the unit's capacity to absorb the high bending loads imposed during stirrer applications.


Based on the standard modular series range, the Cooling Tower Fan Drive incorporates an extended top bearing housing.

The lengths of output shaft extensions can be manufactured to client's requirement to suit fan hubs.

Lubrication is entirely contained. Gears and lower bearings dip in the oil bath while oil is pumped to the top wheel shaft bearing by means of a built-in mechanical oil pump.

Oil seals are fitted on both the wheel shaft and worm shaft, the wheel shaft extension incorporating a grease chamber. All exposed parts other than the extensions are finished with corrosion resistant paint. Units are supplied with BSP plugs fitted to the oil filler, drain and ventilator points, suitable for connection to the outsides of towers.



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