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Specialised Air Motors and Transmission (SAMT) Tonson can supply Horton industrial clutches and other Horton manufactured products.

Being founded in 1951, the company originally focused on manufacturing industrial clutches. In the 1960s, Horton applied its clutch expertise to the cooling of on-highway and off-highway vehicles. Later, Horton convinced truck manufacturers that they could save fuel during the U.S. energy crisis of the 1970s by installing engine cooling fan drives on their vehicles. By the 1980s, Horton fan drives were standard equipment for major truck OEMs. Horton continues to be a pioneer in the on- and off-highway industries by providing the latest technology, the highest quality and the most dependable products available.

Horton is a global company. Following expansions in Australia, Europe and Mexico, it expanded to Asia. It has sales offices in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Germany and Kingdom. Horton is a company who are willing to go where they are needed, to help people develop engine cooling solutions that are right for them and their application.

Hort has long been an advocate of the environment. In fact, it is proud that the products in manufactures help reduce fuel consumption and noise. Horton is continually improving its products, manufacturing and facilities to remove waste, prevent pollution and protect natural resources. 

You will find Horton’s engine cooling solutions around the globe…on heavy-, medium- and light-duty trucks…on motor coaches and buses…on construction, agricultural and mining equipment…and on generators and industrial compressors. Almost any place you find engines with optimized cooling systems, you will find Horton.

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