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  Drum Carriers/Trucks (200L Drums)

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Innovative static and dynamic design with safety features to handle heavy drums easily.

Model: F16

  • Positions Possible: Lift, Move, Tilt, Agitate and Drain
Drum Handlin

drum handling-F16drum handlingdrum handling

drum handler
move, transport drum
mix drum content
drain, dispense
Magic Carrier

Lift, move, tilt, agitate, and drain heavy drums!
Innovative static and dynamic design with safety features to handle heavy drums easily.

*Lift the drum easily according to leverage principle (pulling down the handle to raise the drum 12-29cm
above the earth)
*Do not pull the clutches of both sides of the drum body when pulling down the handle, but on the contrary, it needs to pull them while loosening the handle.
*Roll the magic-carrier forward and push the saddle into the center of the drum.
*Can adjust height freely
*360° rotation makes the materials mix uniformity secured the extra strength cinch chain to the front of the drum with the improved rachet tightener. No tools are needed.
*Can tilt and fix the tank body in diverse angle.

350kgs / 770 lb
47kgs / 103.4 lb
90 x 20 x 107 cm

Drum Carrier Features:

  • Drum is secured easily with extra heavy chain and tightened using the rachet tightener
  • Drum is easily raised off the ground the haby lowering the handle and automatic locks engage itself to hold drum as handle is lowered
  • Drum is easily transported in the up right position to prevent spills while magic carrier is supporting the load
  • Drum supports mixing and dispensing, drum could be secured horizontally for dispensing or could be rotated 360 deg. for agitation
  • Drum carrier could be used with one of our mobile air mixers without taking drum off the drum carrier 

Innovative static and dynamic design which include consideration of human factors, safety and versatility to move and dispense heavy drums, It can also move drums on and off pallets. This drum truck can handle various types of drums 45 - 70 cm diameter and fibre drums with sufficiently deep rim recess for hook engagement.

Model: F28

  • Positions Possible: On/Off Pallets, Drain, Tilt
Drum Carrier

drum carrier-F28 drum carrierdrum carrier

drum carrier

Stainless Steel Multi-Function Carrier

1. Made of 304 stainless steel
2. Washable & resistant to corrosion
3. Suitable for food and pharmaceutical application


Multi-Function Carrier
Multi-Function Carrier
Stainless Steeel Multi-Function Carrier
*Four 20cm wheels with roller bearing roll efficiently, track straight, steer easily.
*U-shapped handles keeps knuckles inside protecting from harms.
*Extra handle length gives more leverage while loading and moving heavy drums.
*Frame shape provides convenient dispensing position.
*Freely-hoist-and-contract hook can easily set up the supporting point.
*Max. Load: 454kg (1000LB). Users should be responsible for safety if solvent is dangerous in the drum.
*Toe prongs are in accordance with human mechanics, angle accurate and precise.
*Can pass the aisle easily
*Can be oblique, can be operated by one people
*50 gallons truck, wood trunk, paper trunk, skep are all available.
450kgs / 990 lb
kgs / lb
37kgs / 81.4 lb
kgs / lb

Drum Truck Features:

  • 51cm width of truck allows easy access through narrow aisles
  • Operator may easily move drums on and off pallets
  • Welded steel pipe construction provides extra strength. Rated capacity up to 450Kg
  • Turns easily around corners without exposing knuckles to impact
  • Designed for handling heavy drums with minimum force
  • Extra handle length gives more leverage while loading & unloading heavy drums
  • Frame shape provides convenient dispensing position
  • Four equal 20cm wheels with roller bearings roll efficiently, track straight & steer easy
  • Toe prongs are properly angled for accurate pick up and drum protection
  • Truck equiped with prop for holding drum upright & extra security for dispensing

Model: F12

  • Postitions Possible: Drum Truck
Drum Carrier
drum carrier-F12drum carrierdrum carrier
Drum Truck / Drum Caddy
300 kgs / 660 lb
21.6kgs / 47.52 lb

Model: F11

  • Postions Possible: Drum Truck
Drum Handling
drum handling-F11
drum handling-U2
Multi-Function Truck
Drum Truck
250 kgs / 550 lb
250 kgs / 550 lb


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