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  Constant Fill - SM Fixed Speed

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There are 9 different types of Fixed Speed fluid couplings manufactured by Fluidomat. These couplings can transmit up to 2000Kw. They are the most common types of fluid couplings in industry today and they include:

- Shaft to shaft
- Shaft to elastomeric coupling
- Pulley mounted fluid couplings
- Radially removable

The advantages of using Fluid Couplings:

  • Easy start-up with gradual acceleration of the driven component
  • Automatic load speed adjustment on the basis of the synchronous speed of two or more motors and the drive train is protected against overloads
  • Rotational vibrations are dampened
  • The torque transmitted complies with pre-set values
  • Direct on-line start electric motors can be used, without star-delta starters or slip-ring motors with rheostat

Fluid couplings are the easiest and cheapest way of creating a perfectly Flexible Drive Train, because no mechanical parts are necessary between the motor and the Equipment or Machine being driven.
Without mechanical parts, there is practically no wear. The elasticity of the fluid coupling solves problems of power peaks in conventional electric motors and the machines they drive.
Applications include conveyors, crushers, centrifuges and wood chippers. 

Packaged solutions possible to include electric motor, Pulley drives, Fluid Couplings and Gearboxes. Suitable for many applications including conveyors and crushers plus many more.

Other brands of Fluid couplings available including Transfluid, newturbo start & fluiddrive. Ask us today about our interchange possibility for your fluid couplings. Quick delivery times and competitive prices.

SAMT specialise in Fluid Couplings for soft-start requirements. The Fluid Couplings is ideal for starting high inertia loads and can be mounted in-line shaft to shaft or with V-belt pulley. 


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