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  Caliper Disc Brakes - Pneumatic Applied/Sprig Release Brake

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Pneumatically Applied Brakes are best suited for light to medium stopping duties and for tensioning applications where a high degree of control is required.

Pneumatic Disc Brakes are widely used for speed reducing, stopping/braking of the low or medium torque driving mechanism. The brakes can also be applied as tension brake on winding machineries, such as: paper-web tension control, news paper publishing tension control, steel unwind control, wire and cable reel unwind tension etc. 

Features for Pneumatic Applied Brakes Include: 

  • Compact structure and small size, light. It is easy to control and operate.
  • Normally-closed type: spring applied and pneumatically released; Normally-opened type, air pressure applied and spring opened, brake force can be adjusted by varying air pressure.
  • The pneumatic actuator is made in Italy with high reliability and quality.
  • The linings are of inserting installation style and non-asbestos. It can be easy replaced.        

When it is not possible to apply a disc with a required diameter, it is enough to apply more than one clamp.

This type of brake is also very suitable in case that work involves a constant pull on the material, but a pressure regulator is required.The assembly of these brakes does not require any particular attention thanks to the new self-aligning system with orthogonal sliding which allows an automatic brake-disc alignment.

Caliper brakes can have two operating modalities:

  • POSITIVE: when the control produces the braking effect.
  • NEGATIVE (Spring Applied): the braking effect is obtained when the control is absent. These clamp brakes are mainly used as safety and parking brakes.

Many caliper brakes available; Including:

  • Hand Operated Caliper brakes
  • Pneumatically Released Caliper brakes
  • Duo Caliper brakes possible
  • Hydrualic release / Hydraulic applied caliper brakes

Standard Size brake discs available and Customised can be manufactured.

SAMT is specialised in the design import and supply of Caliper brakes; Maching services available to customise caliper brake discs to suit the application. Many bore sizes available. Other brands including Twiflex brakes can be supplied. 



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