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  8400 Inverter Drives

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These devices are designed with IP20 and IP31 degrees of protection, and for some devices it not only offers ease of installation but also have the ability to use the cold-plate or push-through installation technique. The devices can be isntalled one after the other hence saving space and keep wiring efforts to a mnimum.

The fuctionality and drive behaviour of the 8400 series - BaseLine, StateLine, HighLine and TopLine - are developed consistently from one to the next which makes selection process simple. 

Having the feature of interchangeability with one another, enables ease of upgrades, as redesigning of the control cabinet is not required. Combine this with environmentally-friendly production (compliant with ISO14001 and RoHS) makes this series future-proof.

Basic features of all 8400 models:

  • 150% overload current (60 s)
  • IP20 enclosure
  • Memory module for quick commissioning and easy service
  • L-force diagnostics interface for operation, parameter setting and diagnostics, even during operation
  • Integrated interference suppression to EN 61800-3
  • Shield connection for control cables
  • Protection against short circuits, earth faults and motor stalling for safe operation


BaseLine (Continuous motion)                                                                                                              

The 8400 BaseLine design is the entry-level model in terms of it's functionaility and drive behaviour. This features an integrated keypad and what you expect from a modern frequency inverter. The BaseLine is the ideal solution for applications such as conveyor drives, pumps, fans or ventilators.

StateLine (Controlled movement)

The 8400 StateLine is designed for drive control with or without speed feedback. The integrated brake management system delivers greatly reduced wear on the service brakes. 

This model is a step-up from the BaseLine as the StateLine's applications satisfy more stringent requirements. The StateLine is perfectly suited for applications such as palletizers, extruders, filling systems or travelling/variable speed drives.

HighLine (Positioning Tasks)

With the features of the StateLine, the 8400 HighLine model offers integrated point-to-point positioning. This allows up to 15 target positions, including the associated travel profile to be stored in the inverter. The master control is responsible for selecting these position records and specifying the process. The incremental encoder signal returned is evaluated by two digital inputs. 

The HighLine is suitable for applications such as rotary indexing tables, rolling and sliding doors or positioning tasks in warehouse system.

TopLine (Servo applications)

The 8400 TopLine encompasses servo qualities within the 8400 series. It is able to produce the high levels of dynamics and precision called for in demanding applications. With the addition of a resolver input it also comes equipped with a multiple encoder input which offers an optimum connection to the range of feedback systems that can be applied.

As normal inverters support asynchronous motors, the TopLine design also supports dynamic synchronous motors.

The TopLine is perfectly suited for storage and retrieval units or pick-and-place applications. 


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