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Electric Piston Pump Airless Sprayer
Air-Assisted Airless Paint Sprayer
Electric Piston Pump Airless Sprayer
HVLP Turbine Paint Sprayer
3-Stage Turbine with high output motor
Non-bleeder HVLP Gun
Digital Bending Machine
Bends up to 190 degrees in tubing up to 1 1/4"
Magnetic Core Drills
Auto-reverse Tapping & Core Drilling Machine
Low Profile Magnetic Drilling Machine
Semi Auto Feed Magnetic Drilling Machine
Single Speed Magnetic Drilling Machine
2-4 Speed Magnetic Drilling Machine
Metal Working Tools
Wrap Around Tube Sander/Polisher
Drum Sander/Polisher
Straight Grinder & Angle Grinder
Die Grinder
Reciprocating Saw
Hole Cutting Drill
Electric Beveler
Circular Metal Saws
Wood Working Tools
Plunge-Cut Circular Saw
Compound & Slide Compound Miter Saws
Concrete Working Tools
Concrete Vibrator
Rotary Bush Hammer
Long-Reach Diamond Grinder
Scouring Machine
Drain Cleaning Machine
AC Induction Motor
Up to 800W with High Torque, Reversible Rotation
Compact, Handy & Robust
Electric Drywall Sander
Hand-held Drywall Sander
Electric Drywall Sander
Rotary Polisher
Spindle Lock
Variable Speed
1200W & 1700W Motors
Stone Grinder
Soft Start & Overload Protection
Variable Speed Control
Wall Chaser
1500 & 1800W Models Available
Stone Cutting Circular Saw
Cuts all kinds of Stone and Masonry up to 55mm thick
Powerful 1800W motor
Aluminum Guide Rails for perfectly straight cuts
Wet/Dry Vacuum Dust Extractor
For use in conjunction with our power tools
Electric Mixer
Hand-held Electric Mixer
Electric Mixer/Drill
Bucket Mixer
Diamond Core Drills
Tile Core Drilling Machine
Wet & Dry Diamond Core Drill
Diamond Core Drilling MAchine
Diamond Core Bits & Accessories
Hand Tools
Electric Screw Driver
Wood Trimmer
Flexible Shaft Grinder
Impact Wrench
Gear Machinery & PC Boards
Gear Machining
PC Boards
Rotary Laser Level
Red Beam (High Power)
Green Beam
Electronic Automatic Leveling
Electronic & Magnetic Self-leveling
Laser Brightness Adjuster
Indoor & Outdoor Use

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